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Home Articles Cleaning up the battery leakage in flashlight
Articles - Cleaning up the battery leakage in flashlight

Cleaning up the battery leakage in flashlight

If you do not use your flashlight for a long period of time and try to change its batteries you may find that one or more of the batteries had leaked and gets dried in your flashlight resulting in corroded-looking stain on the inner side of the battery compartment. If flashlight battery leak is found early before it dries up, you can easily wipe it out. But once it gets dried up, you need to spend quite a lot of time to clean it. If the battery leak is not noticed for longer period of time, the PCB boards inside the flashlight will be damaged. The damage in the flashlight due to battery leakage may be worst than what you may expect.

There are some ways clean up the battery leakage from inside the barrel of a Maglite flashlight. The dried potassium hydroxide leaked from alkaline battery used in flashlight can be neutralized and cleaned using slightly acidic water. Sodium bicarbonate-water solution is effective and safe for cleaning battery acid when compared to other cleaning solutions. Baking soda solutions is the best to clean battery acid from flashlights. You can also add a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice to the cleaning solution. You can use lemon juice to remove the grey corroded-looking stain formed on the inner side of the battery compartment. Cream of tartar will also work very well if used for cleaning battery leakage. Tartaric acid is already half-diluted with potassium hydroxide, and hence it will be very useful for cleaning battery leakage. You can use baking soda solution and a small brush to remove battery leakage from the inside barrel of a Maglite flashlight.

Clean all the contact areas carefully using the recommended products. You can use fine sandpaper or ballpoint pen erasers to clean the battery contacts. Coke can be used to clean the battery terminals. Soda works much better than coke. When all the rusty stain is gone, lubricate and protect the contacts with ProGold or Deoxit.

If you have a battery leak that has damaged your flashlight, contact the battery manufacturer and get the right things done for you. You can also take the flashlight to relevant service center and get it cleaned in an efficient manner. Such service centers offer the very best service and the best customer support to you.

Once you have cleaned and dried the battery compartment, spray it with Deox to clean and prevent oxidation of the metal parts. Caig Laboratories DeOxit is a solution containing 20% cleaner, 80% lubricant and contact preservative and is used to chemically clean and treat the battery contacts without harming the surface. The most important thing is that battery leakage cleaning has to be done without damaging the inner working electronics of the flashlight. Avoid rubbing the grey corroded-looking stain stuff in your eyes. Wash your hands thoroughly immediately when the cleaning work is completed.

Proper maintenance of the flashlight will help you in preventing battery leakage or to find out battery leakage at the earliest. Inspect your rarely used flashlights at least every 6 months and change the batteries as required. Regularly check for corrosion and dirt on the battery contacts of the flashlight. You can remove the dirt from battery contacts by gently rubbing with a pencil eraser. Remove depleted batteries immediately, because a dead battery has the highest possibility of leaking and damaging the inside of your flashlight.

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