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Articles - When to Change Your Digital Camera Battery
There are a number of questions that people have in relation to their digital cameras. What with improved technology and masterful functions and specifications, a digital camera can do almost everything you could hope for. Along with the joys and conveniences of technology; however, there is also a weighted responsibility involved in the purchase of your digital camera.
You must also learn how to use it, what functions do what, and how to troubleshoot various photo and video taking conditions. One of the most important and yet overlooked responsibilities in learning is that of your digital camera battery, its specs, its life, and when to replace it. In this article, we discuss all you need to know about the different variables that affect when you need to change your battery; so you are better equipped to use and maintain your digital camera.

If you are like most of us, you have a digital camera, and you are aware of how quickly your digital camera battery power is used up-seemingly with only a few long term uses.
Why? Well, the variables that most often affect how quickly a digital camera battery uses up juice are often centered on two variables: type of digital camera battery and also what functions you are using and how often.

Digital camera battery

Type of Battery

When it comes to types of batteries, there are two aspects to consider-what kind of battery they use and what material of battery you use. In the first case, your digital camera will either call for a battery pack which is specialized to the brand of camera or a normal battery (AA size). On one hand, the cameras that call for normal sized batteries offer an affordable digital camera battery replacement are helpful as the batteries are inexpensive, available everywhere, and can be used in a variety of equipment other than the camera; however, they often die much sooner, and must be replaced more often. The specialized battery pack option can charge more quickly, are specifically geared towards your camera’s needs, and offer a much longer battery life; but they are much more expensive, difficult to find, and can only be used for your camera.

Aside from normal and battery pack types of battery, there is also the materials used in their composition. When shopping for affordable digital camera battery replacement options, you may come across a wide spectrum of kinds such as: Alkaline, Lithium, NiMH, Lion, Lithium, and Nickel Cadmium.

What’s the difference, right? Well, each kind of digital camera battery is best suited for various functions and uses. Alkaline is what you will kind in practically every standard device or equipment, are inexpensive, but not recommended for those who use their digital cameras frequently, as they are used up quickly. Lithium batteries are more expensive and last longer than Alkaline. NiMH batteries are rechargeable, last for a long time, and are a good choice for affordable digital camera battery replacement. Li-on or Lithium Ion digital camera batteries are very expensive, rechargeable, and last approximately twice as long as NiMH batteries. Nickel Cadmium batteries are rechargeable but subject to a variety of battery problems-such as issues with overcharging and recharging. Though it is entirely up to the user, the best bet hands down for a regular digital camera user is that of NiMH batteries for affordability, longevity, and rechargeable convenience.

Digital Camera Functions

The other variable that contributes heavily to when you will need to change your digital camera battery and replace it with a new one is the types of functions used on your camera. Let’s face it; a camera is no longer just a camera anymore. It is also, for most of us, a video camera, a manual/digital camera in one, and offered with a wide range of functions, accessories, and abilities that its predecessors certainly did not have. These functions-things like: LCD screen, flash, internal storage systems, high powered zoom, image stabilization, and CCD-use a lot of energy, and therefore, quickly add to a battery’s need for replacement or charge. To give you an idea of the use, with just one normal photo session, you could easily use up normal sized batteries, whereas, with a battery pack, you would get more sessions.

Prolong Your Battery

Aside from making these choices in accordance to your digital camera and the batteries you use for it; there are also a number of things that you can do in using digital camera to cut down on how often you need to change or replace your digital camera battery. Things like buying an external flash, dimming your LCD screen, spend less time viewing photos, and spending less time deleting photos can drastically cut down on the amount of use your battery is taking on. Of course, it is all relative and you don’t want to not use your camera for its intended use; but definitely modifying the use will help you prolong the battery life.

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