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Parts compatible with Fujitsu FMV-718NU4/BX Laptop Battery - Select a Battery, Adapter or Accessory
Listed below are all the products we currently carry which are compatibe with the Fujitsu FMV-718NU4/BX Laptop Battery , click on the item description or picture for more details.
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Fujitsu FMV-718NU4/BX Battery Replacement

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Fujitsu Battery

Fujitsu  FMV-718NU4/BX 10.8 V 3500 mAh Grey  Laptop Battery Replaces: Fujitsu FMV-718NU4/BX 10.8 V 3500 mAh Grey Laptop Battery
Part Number: BLP1511 List Price:  $39.66 (32% Savings)
Our Price:  $26.98  

Fujitsu FMV-718NU4/BX Laptop Battery Articles & Tips:

Our power tool batteries for Fujitsu Laptop Battery are made with the highest quality parts and are guaranteed to be compatible with your original Fujitsu Laptop Battery

Is it the right time to change your Fujitsu FMV-718NU4/BX laptop battery?

Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries on occasion. But for laptops to run optimally, they need to change them. Fujitsu suggests swapping out your Fujitsu FMV-718NU4/BX laptop battery about every two years, which is largely dependent upon how much the battery is used. To get full value out of your power source, be sure to keep in mind the following guidelines before making the switch.

  • In order to remove the battery, save anything you are working on and turn the laptop off.
  • Make sure the Power indicator is off before proceeding.
  • Remove any and all cables attached to the laptop and turn it over so that the back of the computer faces you.
  • Slide the battery's locking latch to the "unlocked" position, and slide the release latch to free the battery.
  • Carefully pull the entire battery pack forward to remove it, and set it aside.
  • Do not dispose of a spent or broken battery pack, but instead return it to the nearest dealer.
  • Additionally, do not store the battery in direct sunlight, heat, or near metallic objects. Instead, keep it in a cool, dry place where it is not likely to be punctured or crushed in any way.

Depending on the model of laptop you own, there will be different guidelines to follow for replacing your battery.

Here is also a list of what you can do to extend your Fujitsu FMV-718NU4/BX laptop battery life:

Laptop Battery life is a big concern among users due to the high costs of battery replacement. While many people concern themselves with how many hours they can squeeze out of each charge, it is also important to know what things you can do to keep your battery running at all. Here are some ways of extend Fujitsu FMV-718NU4/BX laptop battery life.

  • It is best to leave the battery inside the computer even when plugged in for long periods of time for maximum Laptop battery life. Removing the battery causes it to discharge slowly and makes it more difficult to recharge to its full potential
  • That being said, your Fujitsu Laptop battery life can also be adversely affected by never using the battery even though it may be plugged in. Even if you spend all your time using your Laptop computer plugged in at a desk, unplug it occasionally and force it to use the battery if you want to have optimum Laptop battery life.
  • If for some reason you need to store your Laptop battery for a long period of time, experts recommend that you leave the charge at around 40%. This seems to be the magic position that enables it to charge and recharge to its full potential once you start using it again. You can also help maintain your Laptop battery life by storing it in a cool, dry place.
  • On occasion it is a good idea to fully discharge and recharge your notebook battery. Once a month seems about right. Laptop battery life can be reduced if the battery never gets to experience a full discharge and charge.
  • Nearly every Laptop (including your Fujitsu FMV-718NU4/BX ) comes with a Lithium Ion battery these days. The Laptop battery life of Li-Ion batteries is typically 2-3 years or 300-500 full charge cycles. With that in mind, be very careful not to discharge it unnecessarily (outside of emergencies and full discharges for maintenance purposes.)
  • Since Laptop battery life is dependent on the number of charges and recharges, it is helpful to get as much time out of each charge as you can. Try to use the power saver settings on your computer system, keep the screen as dim as you can stand, and use hibernate mode.
  • Heat is a major enemy of your Fujitsu Laptop Battery . life. Keep your battery out of direct sunlight and hot cars.
  • It is also recommended that you clean the Fujitsu FMV-718NU4/BX battery contacts with rubbing alcohol from time to time to prolong your Laptop battery life. When the battery doesn’t have a clean contact, it has to work harder.

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